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Offering top of the line Accommodation, Conference, Restaurant, bar and gym.

You have tried the rest but now is the time to try the best accomodation and hospitality service providers in Llongwe City.

We have elegant executive suites and self catering apartments, conference room, gym, restaurant and a well stocked bar.

Next time you are in town, please do not hesitate to Lodge With Us.

We ensure to provide to our customers the best experience possible.

Hospitality should not be used as an avenue to disconnect one from family and friends and also the world.

Without leaving the comfort of your rooms and our executive suites, you can connect wirelessly and seamlessly to the outside world.

The big bonus is that our wifi service are absolutely free. yes you heard us right – there no extra charges for one to surf the internet and enjoy online web resources.

We provide unmatched and superior hospitality services to all our visitors who decides to patronise our executive suites.

We know decent accomodation must not only focus on just providing safe environment for our customers to relax but also meet other crucial needs as regards to food, exercise and also refreshments.

With us you will experince first hand the warm heart of hospitality.